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Arrested for Domestic Violence? Learn How to Defend Yourself

Posted on : January 2, 2020, By:  Tom Kokonowski, Esq.

Charged With Domestic Violence In Massachusets

If you are charged with domestic violence, your reputation, career, and future are at risk. It’s important that you take these charges seriously and get help defending yourself and protecting your rights under the law. Often, domestic violence accusations are made in situations where drugs are involved, and a defendant can find him or herself facing charges for both drug crimes and domestic violence. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself if you are charged with domestic violence.

Attempt to Obtain Evidence of False Allegations

A common reason why defendants face domestic violence charges is that someone made false accusations. These allegations are sometimes made in an attempt to gain an upper hand, such as a situation involving drug charges. Divorce is another situation where the alleged victim is attempting to get alimony or child custody.

Provide Evidence of Self-Defense or Consent

In some cases, the alleged victim instigated the violence themselves or gave consent to certain acts perceived as violent. In these instances, the defendant may have been simply protecting him or herself or going along with the accuser’s wishes. If possible, the defendant can show evidence of self-defense or consent and potentially have the charges reduced or eliminated altogether.

Expose the Lack of Evidence Against You

In order for a conviction, the judge and jury must be confident that the defendant is guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. They do this by considering the evidence. However, in many domestic violence cases, the evidence simply doesn’t exist because it’s one person’s word against another. However, this tactic may be successful if the defendant adequately creates doubt in the mind of the judge and jury. This is done by suggesting that there is no evidence proving the violence occurred, nor enough evidence warranting a conviction.

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