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Massachusetts Underage DUI

Posted on : February 17, 2017
The Legal BAC for Minors is Not 0.08% For drivers over the age of 21, the legal limit of blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08%. Anything over that value will most likely result in a DUI charge. For minors, however, the legal limit of blood alcohol content is just 0.02%, which is very, very low. […]

Not Guilty of 2nd Offense OUI and License Ordered Restored

Posted on : September 6, 2016
Following a spirited battle with the Commonwealth’s top district court prosecutor and a police officer who is one of the best witnesses I face on a consistent basis, a jury agreed with us, after deliberating (and asking a question), and found my client NOT GUILTY. ¬†After 15 minutes of deliberation, the jury sent the judge […]

First Academic Weekend in Amherst Proves Busy for Law Enforcement

Posted on : September 9, 2015
Amherst Student Alcohol Charges
The first weekend of the academic year in Amherst proved to be a busy one for local law enforcement officers. Alcohol charges were issued to numerous students, and many others were issued a summons or provided with a warning to reduce their noise level according to Amherst bylaws. The Weekend in a Snapshot 301 calls […]
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