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Can You Be Charged with Shoplifting After You Leave the Store?

Posted on : June 24, 2019
Shoplifting is one of the most common crimes and is often committed by juveniles seeking a thrill or pushing their boundaries. If you leave the store after a theft and no one seems to be the wiser, you may still be at risk for being charged. Here’s how. Massachusetts Shoplifting Statute of Limitations In the […]

What Evidence Is Used by Prosecutors to Prove Domestic Violence?

Posted on : May 23, 2019
Massachusetts Domestic violence charges are common, but they can wreak havoc on your life. It’s important that you understand what kinds of evidence prosecutors may use against you to prove their case and how you can respond to each. You should also know how to get the legal help you need to go up against […]

What Are My Rights If I’ve Been Arrested?

Posted on : April 29, 2019
Attorney For Criminal Charges In Hampden, MA
No matter what crime you are accused of, U.S. law affords individuals certain rights when they are arrested, questioned, and detained. Unfortunately, these rights are often violated by police officers whose interest isn’t to serve and protect but to get an arrest. Here’s what you need to know about your rights after being taken into […]

What Constitutes Resisting Arrest in Massachusetts?

Posted on : February 18, 2019
Northampton Attorney For Resisting Arrest
Resisting Arrest: What  You Need To Know If you are informed that you are being arrested by a police officer in Massachusetts, you do not have the right to resist. You must submit to police officer custody until being released and if you resist arrest, this is an additional charge that will increase your penalties […]

What is Disorderly Conduct in Massachusetts?

Posted on : January 28, 2019
Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas Kokownowski
Disorderly Conduct You’ve probably heard the term “disorderly conduct” before, whether in a movie or even conversation. However, you may not know what it means in context and what happens if you’re actually charged with disorderly conduct in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Here’s what you need to know. The Definition of Disorderly Conduct Under Massachusetts […]