Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation covers everything that needs to be litigated that is NOT necessarily criminal in nature.

Basically, civil litigation includes lawsuits that need to be filed or defended. 

I have tried all types of civil actions in both the superior and district courts across the Commonwealth. The most obvious of these are car accident or slip and fall cases. There are many different types of claims that can be brought in a civil action.

Essentially, any type of claim that requires litigation in a lawsuit-type of claim can be brought in a civil action.

Successfully Prosecuted and Defended Both Individuals and Entities:

Most recently, I represented a business which was being falsely accused of conducting itself in an illegal way toward its employees. The demand for settlement was $500,000 plus attorneys fees and costs. My investigator uncovered the reality of why these allegations were made and it had nothing to do with my client’s activities.

That information was passed on to plaintiff’s counsel along with my “see you in court” letter.  The case was never filed.

Recently, I represented a bank employee, on an individual basis, in a lawsuit that included his employer as a defendant.

We were able to negotiate a settlement that included the plaintiff dismissing his complaint, completely, against my client.

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