Hampshire County DUI Causing Injury Charge Need Defense LawyerSo You Were Arrested in Hampshire County for a DUI Causing Injury Charge. You Need a Defense Lawyer Right Away.

A DUI causing injury charge is much more serious than a traditional DUI/OUI/DWI charge. This means that not only were you charged with operating your vehicle under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances, there was an accident that resulted in the injury of someone else and you are being held responsible for that as well. The penalties for a DUI causing injury charge are stiff and can include jail time, large fines, probation, community service, restitution, license suspension, and a permanent criminal record.

Never is it more important for you to hire a defense lawyer than when you’re being charged with the crime of hurting someone while driving under the influence. At the Law Office of Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas Kokonowski., we can provide you with the comprehensive and aggressive legal support you need.

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