Probation Violations Attorney serving all of Hampshire County and surrounding communities

After you were given a term of probation, you were told to abide by certain conditions of that probation. You signed a document after your change of plea or conviction after trial acknowledging that you understood that. The conditions of probation vary widely, depending on the type of case and the type of judge who sentenced you.

There is one condition that is shared by ALL probationary terms: do NOT get charged with a new crime while you are on probation.

Other conditions which are very frequently set include, but are not limited to:

  • stay drug and alcohol free and submit to random testing
  • attend and complete programs or counseling
  • pay fines and fees to the court
  • pay restitution if an alleged victim is out of pocket as a result of the crime
  • stay away from a named alleged victim who was involved with the case
  • complete any number of hours of community service

If you have been charged with a new crime or have failed to abide by any other type of condition, you now face either the maximum sentence on the case if you were given straight probation, or the total amount of suspended time if the judge suspended jail time over your head. The time to contact a Springfield criminal defense lawyer is now.

I prevent people from being sentenced to jail as a result of a violation of probation.

You will be afforded a hearing in which the probation department has the burden of proving that you violated your probation.

My experience after hundreds of trials and motions and probation violation hearings ensures that the probation department will be challenged on every allegation they are making against you if they insist on going forward.