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Why You Should Stay Off Social Media After a DUI

Posted on : September 19, 2017, By:  Tom Kokonowski, Esq.
Massachusetts DUI Lawyer

It’s no secret that social media is everywhere these days. But not all of your personal business should be put up on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. No matter how much you feel the need to share your ups and downs with the world, it’s best to stay off of social media in some cases. If you were arrested for a DUI, this couldn’t be truer. Posting about your arrest, or your DUI accident if you were involved in one, could compromise your case. In fact, this could make it more likely for you to face harsher penalties. Here’s why.

No, Your Accounts Aren’t That Secure

Most everyone has certain privacy settings on their social media accounts that allows only “friends” to view their posts and photos. Unfortunately, these privacy settings do little to actually protect your posts from prying eyes after you’ve been arrested. If you post about your DUI online, a friend of a friend may catch wind of it and send screenshots to law enforcement, or you may even have your records subpoenaed by prosecutors. Never assume that your social media accounts are private and only those you trust can see what you put there.

Could You Be Incriminating Yourself?

What you post online could come back to bite you as one Michigan woman sadly learned in 2014. On probation for a DUI from 2012, Colleen Cudney was asked to take a breathalyzer test the day after St. Patrick’s day. She had violated her probation by drinking but was lucky enough to pass the test. However, she wasn’t so lucky when a police officer stumbled across her Facebook post admitting guilt and at the time of the news report, Cudney was looking at just over 3 more months in jail.

Never admit guilt when discussing your DUI arrest or your accident if you were involved in one. Not in a public post and also not in a private message to a friend. Therefore, the best rule of thumb here is to simply not post about it at all.

How an Attorney Can Help

Avoiding posting about your DUI arrest on social media is only one thing you can do to help yourself. Perhaps the most important thing you can do to protect your rights and best interests after an arrest is to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. At the Law Offices of Thomas Kokonowski, Esq., we can assist you in discovering a solid defense strategy designed to elicit the best results possible from your case. Call today for a consultation at 413-585-9200 or 413-549-0022.

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