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The Power Of A Paragraph

Posted on : February 24, 2016, By:  Tom Kokonowski, Esq.

The combination of a pretty good defense attorney, a one paragraph discovery motion and an ethical and thoughtful prosecutor brought about justice for a client who was charged with 2 counts of larceny over$250 and 2 counts of larceny under $250 with a credit card.  It was alleged that he used the company credit card to buy things he was not supposed to while working.  That was not true.  So, I filed a “Bill of Particulars” which is a one paragraph motion asking the prosecutor to tell me how he intended to prove the charges.  I showed up to court last week and, unexpectedly, the prosecutor said, “Having to sit down and answer that motion made me realize I could not prove my case.”  He then dismissed it, completely.

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