This is my interview with David Pakman about the Florida case where the defendant shot at the alleged victim and used the (in)famous “stand your ground” defense.

I tried to point out the differences between the Zimmerman case and this case concerning that defense, but the video mysteriously cut out. Of course each case involved the use of a gun during the commission of the crimes with which they were charged.  But they got VERY different from there, regarding both the result of the firing of the guns and the use of criminal defense tactics at the trials of each.

The Zimmerman trial resulted in a homicide charge against Mr. Zimmerman and the jury found him NOT guilty of that homicide. In this case, the defendant fired shots at a man but missed him. She claimed self-defense and used the “stand your ground” defense both prior to and during her trial on assault with a dangerous weapon charges.

That defense did not work in either place.  Her claim was that she fired a “warning shot” but neither the judge nor a jury bought that defense.