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Warning to UMASS students

Posted on : November 4, 2015, By:  Tom Kokonowski, Esq.

Massachusetts Sex Crimes AttorneyA UMASS student’s case that I handled this week is a great example/warning of how UMASS and its police force are not kidding around when it comes to alcohol and parties.  My client and his house mates had a small get together.  Word got out about it and it turned into a massive get together-against their wishes and control.  There was a noise complaint that caused the UMASS police to show up.  The police ordered them to break it up and my client tried, very hard, to do so.  Unfortunately, the unwanted guests simply congregated on the lawn, instead of in the house.  My client and his roomies were arrested and charged, criminally, with the Amherst noise ordinance.  Fortunately, after MUCH negotiation with the prosecutor, my client’s case was dismissed before his arraignment, thereby preventing the charge from appearing on his criminal record.

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