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What Can I Do If I’m Arrested For Acting As a Criminal Accomplice?

Posted on : May 14, 2021, By:  Tom Kokonowski, Esq.

If you helped a person commit a crime, helped them get away with one, or hid information about a crime,  you may be charged with criminal conspiracy. Obtaining the compelling evidence required to establish that you were not involved in the crime could prove to be difficult depending on your circumstances. You need legal assistance immediately if you’ve been accused of aiding others in committing or escaping a criminal offense.

Know What You Should Expect Under Massachusetts Law 

In legal language, explicitly executing a criminal act means you are the “principal” of the offense. The term “accomplice” refers to someone who helps the principle or takes part in the crime in some way. Accomplices are sometimes treated similarly as the principal from a legal standpoint and may be charged with the same or related crimes as the principal. When someone was killed or severely injured during the crime, this becomes highly probable.

Wrap Your Brain Around What Prosecutors Are Going to Try to Prove 

Prosecutors in criminal cases have to prove with solid evidence that the defendant did what they are accused of. You should be well aware of what this evidence is prior to your trial. During your hearing, prosecuting attorneys will attempt to prove: 

  • You were directly or indirectly involved in the breaking of one or more laws 
  • No one else but you could have participated in the crime in the manner accused 
  • You understood actions were obviously against the law or you should have known that they were 

Ideally, you will have evidence that can directly refute the evidence that the prosecution brings against you. For example, you may have an alibi. Examples of a good alibi include a witness who can testify that you weren’t with the principal defendant but were with them instead, or a receipt or CCTV footage that proves you were at a place of business or other establishment. 

If you can’t show you were somewhere else, you may be able to prove that you didn’t know there was a crime taking place and had no reason to think one would be. 

Talk to a Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer With a Solid Track Record of Success 

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