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What Evidence Is Used by Prosecutors to Prove Domestic Violence?

Posted on : May 23, 2019, By:  Tom Kokonowski, Esq.

Massachusetts Domestic violence charges are common, but they can wreak havoc on your life. It’s important that you understand what kinds of evidence prosecutors may use against you to prove their case and how you can respond to each. You should also know how to get the legal help you need to go up against an aggressive prosecution.

Witness Accounts

Witness accounts are uncommon in domestic violence cases because typically abuse happens in private and only between the alleged victim and perpetrator. Some cases do involve witnesses and your defense can suffer if a witness brings forward a testimony. However, you may be able to discredit the testimony by showing that the witness was never actually there at the time in question or that they have a strong motive to falsely accuse you.


Photographs are often considered a “smoking gun” in domestic violence cases. Pictures that show injuries clearly illustrate that violence occurred, particularly in cases where the victim was treated at a hospital or doctor’s office for those injuries. However, photographs usually cannot prove whether or not the defendant was the person who committed the crime.

Your Criminal History

If you’ve been charged with domestic abuse or any kind of violence in the past, it’s very probable that the prosecutors in your case will attempt to use this against you to paint a very unsavory picture of your character to a judge and jury.

If you were found not-guilty or the charges were dropped before you went to court, it’s important that these details come to light. The same applies if it was confirmed that the alleged victim did make false accusations of violence against you. Your attorney can help you develop strategies to reduce the impact that any criminal history you already have has on your current case.

Should You Contact a Lawyer?

Were you charged with domestic abuse in Massachusetts? If so, you should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Your rights, your reputation, and your very future are on the line. It’s important that you work with a lawyer you can trust, and criminal defense attorney Thomas Kokonowski has served Massachusetts residents for many years helping them to overcome potentially devastating criminal charges.

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