Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas Kokonowski with offices in Amherst and Northampton

Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas Kokonowski is a criminal defense and civil litigation firm, with the personalized thomas-kokonowski-2019-avvo-badgerepresentation that you want during your case.

Attorney Kokonowski, himself, will be representing you throughout your entire case.

The Criminal Defense Lawyer

Attorney Kokonowski, a former prosecutor, draws from his 25 years of trial experience, as well as the contributions of his litigation paralegals, and case managers, to ensure that your case is handled in a proactive and efficient manner.

Attorney Kokonowski handles all criminal defense cases, felonies and misdemeanors, aggressively against the government. He has extensive criminal trial experience, defending his clients against everything from misdemeanor resisting arrest to felony homicide, and all misdemeanors and felonies in between.

Attorney Kokonowski’s vast trial experience ensures that, if a trial is required, you will have the upper hand in the Thomas Kokonowski 2018 Client's Choice Awardcourt room, whether it be before a judge, a jury of 6 (in the Commonwealth’s district courts) or a jury of 12 (in the Commonwealth’s superior and federal courts).

His demonstrated ability to analyze the actions of law enforcement ensures that any violation of your rights by police is found and vigorously attacked.

If your Miranda rights were not read to you, Attorney Kokonowski will challenge any statement the police try to use against you. If the police illegally search your car, your home, your property or avvoyour person, Attorney Kokonowski will fight to keep anything found out of evidence at your trial.

If there are no technical defenses or the judge has made a mistake and denied any motions that are filed and trial is required, Attorney Kokonowski will bring all the forces of his vast trial experience to bear on the Commonwealth and its case against you.

Attorney Kokonowski’s experience as a former prosecutor not only got him valuable trial experience at a very early stage of his legal career, it gave him the experience of knowing how a prosecutor is trained to think and strategize.

The Civil Litigator

Attorney Kokonowski’s extensive criminal trial experience immediately translated into success for his clients in civil cases.

Attorney Kokonowski’s overall trial experience causes insurance companies and any other person or entity involved in your lawsuit to negotiate with the knowledge that Attorney Kokonowski will take your case to trial, if necessary.koko-law

Attorney Kokonowski has appeared as a legal analyst in the following media outlets:
  • NBC
  • CBS
  • The David Pakman Show

He has been interviewed, appeared live in studio, and sat on discussion panels to explain for the public knowledge, the details of high profile cases around the area and the nation.

Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas Kokonowski is available to meet you, personally, from his offices in Amherst and Northampton.

These are the courts where Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas Kokonowski appears:

Attorney Kokonowski practices in every courthouse from the Berkshires to the Beach. Click here for all the information on all of the courts in the Commonwealth

In Hampshire County, he is a fixture in the:

  • Northampton District and Superior Courts
  • Belchertown District Court
  • Orange District Court
  • Greenfield District and Superior Courtskoko-law

In Hampden County, where he first started practicing law, he represents clients in the:

  • Springfield District and Superior Courts
  • Westfield District Court
  • Holyoke District Court
  • Palmer District Court
  • Chicopee District Court

In Worcester County he spends a lot of time in the:

  • Worcester District and Superior Courts
  • East Brookfield District Court
  • Westboro District Court
  • Dudley District Court
  • Attleboro District Court

Other court experience includes locations in:

  • Suffolk Superior Court
  • Boston Municipal Court
  • Barnstable Superior Court
  • Barnstable District Court
  • Orleans District Court

Contact us:  PH: 413.585.9200 (Northampton) 413.549.0022 (Amherst).