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In What Ways Will My Car Insurance Be Impacted by an OUI?

Posted on : March 13, 2020, By:  Tom Kokonowski, Esq.
OUI Lawyer in Springfield

One significant impact of an OUI charge is changes to your motor vehicle insurance coverage. Here’s what you need to know about cost, availability, and more.  What Penalties Exist for OUI Convictions in Massachusetts?    An OUI is often considered a misdemeanor, with the exception of aggravated offenses. Despite the lesser charge, the penalties are stiff. […]

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How Does Burden of Proof Affect My Case?

Posted on : February 13, 2020, By:  Tom Kokonowski, Esq.

Meeting The Burden Of Proof   In every state in America, prosecutors must be able to meet a certain burden of proof if they wish to convict someone of a crime for which they’ve been accused. For criminal cases, this standard is quite high considering the impact a conviction can have on a person’s life. […]

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Arrested for Domestic Violence? Learn How to Defend Yourself

Posted on : January 2, 2020, By:  Tom Kokonowski, Esq.

Charged With Domestic Violence In Massachusets If you are charged with domestic violence, your reputation, career, and future are at risk. It’s important that you take these charges seriously and get help defending yourself and protecting your rights under the law. Often, domestic violence accusations are made in situations where drugs are involved, and a […]

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What White Collar Crimes Are Common in Massachusetts?

Posted on : December 30, 2019, By:  Tom Kokonowski, Esq.
Massachusetts white collar crimes

Review the most common Massachusetts white-collar crimes Find out what you should do to reduce your chances of receiving a guilty verdict after you’ve been charged.  Ponzi Schemes  Ponzi schemes are named after a famous conman from the 1920s named Charles Ponzi. This type of fraud uses new money from new investors to pay existing […]

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What Are Massachusetts Drug Recognition Experts Trained to Look For?

Posted on : November 30, 2019, By:  Tom Kokonowski, Esq.

A Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) is a law enforcement officer who is educated in analyzing symptoms of impairment due to drugs, which are generally much more difficult to assess than signs of alcohol impairment. DRE Protocol: 12 Steps There are 12 steps in the DRE protocol, however, they are largely subjective and notoriously inaccurate. 1. […]

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